Chuck Harder
The Benedict Arnold Society by Chuck Harder

For those who forgot who he was, he was at first a US Officer in the Revolutionary war and at a later date turned against the US and sold out to the British for about $10,000 pounds sterling.  He did all he could to help the British and soon was known as a traitor.  Benedict Arnold escaped first to New Brunswick and then went to England where he and his sons had a mercantile business.  He died about 1791 in England.  Had he been caught in the USA he would have been hung as a traitor.

The following entries have been researched and are the opinions after such research of the writers herein. If any factual claim is not correct we wish to hear from you and your research for a correction if is warranted. Abraham Lincoln IS NOT INCLUDED in this group. He is noted as saying during the railroad era, “If we buy a ton of rails from England for $20.00 then we have the rails and they the money. If we buy a ton of rails from an American for $25.00 then we have the rails and keep the money.”

The first President and American Traitor was Woodrow Wilson. He was a man who was a believer in a new world society. To that end, he and Colonel House began the FEDERAL RESERVE which is not federal nor a reserve. It is a private bank that prints our money is NOT OWNED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Our Presidents up to Roosevelt and Truman were honest American’s as far as we can find. But then after WWII and 160 million people died worldwide the International Bankers took over starting with the 1944 conference at Bretton Woods. Let’s start out with an honorable President who was duped by the Rockefeller-Kissinger crowd. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a good and honest man. He was duped after World War II that the United States should promote TRADE NOT AID. The conference at Bretton Woods in 1944 after the war was essentially what the world bankers wanted and not the USA people who were then and still are constantly duped. In World War II Standard Oil (The Rockefellers) had tanker ships across the global
oceans and would sell oil to any side of the war. Oddly, none of their tankers was ever sunk. They were paid through the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS that existed in a mountain retreat during WWII and did business with all sides and exists to this day.

Shortly thereafter we lost the optics and watch business due to “Trade not aid.” Fairchild Camera, Graflex, Kodak Cameras, Bell and Howell and Wall Cameras were all sacrificed to rebuild Germany and Switzerland. Uncountable thousands lost their jobs at Elgin Watch in a town where I grew up and the famous Bell and Howell line of movie and still cameras, photo lab printers, and other such equipment was taken over by Takita of Japan and other Japanese companies. Hasselblad took over the precision camera business and Yashica, Pentax, Minolta and Mamiya finished off the American companies in the optical and film business. FUJI now has almost a 100% lock on any color film business.
When John F. Kennedy was elected he wanted to rebuild the USA and we believe he was an honest man. One of his early moves aside from starting NASA was to try to do away with the Federal Reserve which is actually a private bank and is not federal but owned by 12 rich families and the bank of England who used their monetary power to pick and choose who got elected and in our opinion, who got shot.

Kennedy in 1963 began to issue $5 dollar bills with a red seal that said FEDERAL TREASURY NOTE. He bypassed the FEDERAL RESERVE that is not Federal and has no reserve. Just three weeks after doing so he was “taken out” by two imported hit men who were paid $100,000.00 each and spirited away back to Germany and Holland. President Lyndon Johnson stopped the printing and circulation of the $5 bills ASAP after he was sworn in and all went back to the Federal Reserve. Johnson was a humble school teacher until he got into office. He died a multi-millionaire and his wife
got FCC licenses to build TV stations that were worth uncountable millions of dollars. Johnson also started the Maquilladora program where factories could move to the Texas/Mexico border. The plants were built on the border and the executives worked on the USA side and then the hallway had a line painted that said MEXICO border. The assembly work was then done by penny per hour frightened Mexican workers. On the Mexico side there was no parking lot as the workers were collected in buses each Morning.

When Richard Nixon was elected the first thing he did was to follow Henry Kissingers dream of a new global government. To that end, Nixon gave away the consumer electronics business to Japan. Soon American manufacturers of color TV’s, radios and record players went broke here in the USA. Matshushita, (the same wonderful
folks who brought us World War II) and SONY and other Japanese plants took over the entire industry.

When AMPEX of Redmond, Washington invented ¾ inch video tape the plants soon were only in Japan. SONY soon had one-inch video tape for broadcasters and replaced RCA and Phillips who used to make color TV Cameras. Nixon had an apartment in a building owned by the Rockefeller family in New York City. David Rockefeller who destroyed his own bank took over telling Kissinger his Dreams.

During the COLD WAR only two American Jets could land in Russia. One was David Rockefeller and the other was Dr. Armand Hammer a heartless world industrialist. Gerald Ford just did as he was told by the Wall Street Bankers and just kept us on a path of destruction.

Jimmy Carter, (The Nuclear Scientist?) was inept and did what he was told. The Panama Canal was a critical possession of the USA. Uncountable thousands died building it for the good of the USA. Jimmy gave it to the Panamanians for FREE to save the Midland Marine Bank of New York. Traitor? Clinton, Carter, Bush and Carla Hills were on the podium endorsing NAFTA and GATT but when his fellow landowners and foresters got the shaft Jimmy Carter wrote a letter to the NEW YORK TIMES called, “A Failed Timber Policy.” He was crying that NAFTA AND GATT put American lumber people out of work. He forgot all the other millions of Americans that saw their factories move offshore as Washington lied and called them GOOD EXPORTS.

Ronald Reagan essentially “Let George Do it.” George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr. Was driven in a limousine to his schools During the depression. Daddy Bush was a biggie with Brown Brothers, Harriman a big New York banking firm. George is the father of NAFTA and GATT and was fascinated with his dreams of a NEW WORLD ORDER. Not mentioned was his ownership in the Carlyle Group that owns lots of world wide assets in energy. Bush’s family owned a lot of deals in China so he was anxious for full trade with China that destroyed our industrial base. Remember, he is the Senior Member of the “I’ve Got Mine Club.” He did not know what a scanner was at the check out counter of a food store. SHAME ON HIM.

Bill Clinton championed the passage of NAFTA and GATT by saying to Congress, “THE STORE IS OPEN.” Whatever they wanted they got for the votes to confirm NAFTA and then GATT. Millions of Americans lost their homes, savings and jobs so this self serving greedster got what he wanted. At the same time, Hilliary installed her college roomie Margerat Milner Richardson as head of the IRS. Later due to the politically motivated audits of Clinton Enemies Ms. Richardson was forced to resign from the IRS. Clinton openly sold our rocket secrets to China for money but was never blamed. On his last day in office, Clinton pardoned murderers and other criminals that even upset THE NEW YORK TIMES who fell over their boots to support him. Please GOOGLE: The Clinton Pardon List and read it. You will puke.

Bush, Jr. kept up the “FREE TRADE” banter with CAFTA and further ruined industry in the USA. When 9/11 hit the heavy equipment you saw on TV at the site had names like KOMATSU and other Japanese names. Even the Bobcat small digging machine is made in Japan.

Now, OBAMA. Nobody can find anyone who remembers him from the graduating classes in the colleges he said he attended. His picture is not in any yearbooks. ABC and FOX news could not find ONE STUDENT at any university who knew him. He is a mystery man and we wonder where he got all the money to do what he has done without any job in any form of industry. He continues FREE TRADE and essentially does what he is told. When the FCC needed millions of converter boxes from Analog to HD TV they were all made in China instead or re-starting the electronics industry in the USA. Mr. Obama has ducked the challenge to re-industrialize the USA. His family are members of the Communist Party and he was taught as a Muslim in Indonesia. Nobody really knows where he was born as a plaque in Kenya states “Here is the birthplace of US President OBAMA.”

The Future: Many problems are on the horizon. We ask you to become aware and study them as there is no other hope but in the American People who died to keep us FREE but sadly we have been constantly fooled by the people we trusted.